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Creating Contacts with DIY | Breda

Graphic Design Festival Breda: Everyone is a Designer | Breda NL

Mark John DeYoung, through Jumping Dog Design, was invited to participate in the Graphic Design Festival Breda, The Netherlands. Designers and non-designers alike created a T-shirt and/or a sign to focus the Graphic Design Festival on issues of concerns.

The event democratizes the conversation on design, enabling the audience a voice in addition to those scheduled to speak.“We create the future we can imagine. This DIY project is a way in which attendees have a voice. The public becomes participants making design connect and encouraging a positive, creative response,” said DeYoung. “Across the world, (citizen) designers are no longer accepting the idea of serving as a mindless mouthpiece for corporate industry and we’re here to underline that. We are here to emphasize solidarity to our participating design theorists and our fellow citizens.”

Onsite call for participation Poster
Onsite call for participation Poster