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Inside Out: Participatory Design

Inside Out: Electron Stichting Breda NL: Participatory Design Event

Over 300 people participated in this participatory design theory event in Breda, The Netherlands. The collaborative cultural event featured international and national designers/artists, as well as community members creating work on-site using locally acquired reclaimed materials. This participatory design event featured the making of the work as the “exhibit.” The communal nature of people coming together and making stuff creates connection, creates community. Visitors could watch the pieces being created, talk to participants and even join in the work. On the last day of the event, a Festival of the Arts celebrated the participants and the work made. Participants from all levels and all ages, including six classes of elementary kids; adult volunteers;, two class of troubled teens as reintegration; folks with disabilities; folks with addiction and other challenges; the general public; and professional artists and designers.

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Event Poster
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