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We learn best, when we enjoy.

Mark John DeYoung

storytelling reaches us, it connects us person to person.


storytelling connects human to human.


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We learn most when we enjoy.

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We tell stories. It is our stories that connect people one to another.


We are a creative agency specializing in visual communication and graphic design services both digital and print; Brand Identity Systems; as well as exhibition/environmental design and production.


Flauwekul newspaper

Publication Flauwekul Children’s Newspaper

Dutch children’s newspaper developed from inception to a full-color periodical distributed in editions of 30,000 units. Fun articles, games and puzzles incorporated topics based on national museum temporary and permanent exhibitions and programs.


dino trek

Dino Trek Animatronic Show Nashville Zoo at Grasmere

The Nashville Zoo has the most visitors in the state of Tennessee, nearly 1,000,000 people per year. Programs developed incorporated collections and shows to enrich visitor’s experience. Balancing marketing and education goals, media created included special event shows, and field guides, exampled here.

Dino Trek Field Guide in use!
Dino Trek Field Guide

kingman museum

Kingman Museum Outside Banner

Brand Identity Kingman Museum

Science is fun and fascinating. In today’s world, the Kingman seeks to stand out in educational programs for schools and in the community. Contemporary display emphasizes rational, evidence-based science of space and natural history. Giving visual expression to the mesmerizing collection of 20,000 + objects is achieved by being contemporary, unexpected, and brightly optimistic.

Kingman Museum Outside Banner
Outdoor MASSIVE banners
Kingman Museum Outside Banner B&W
Outdoor MASSIVE banners
Kingman Musuem logo Jumping Dog Design

The brand identity system combines the old and new, like old-timey display containers w/ contemporary colors and typography. So something like a business card or a thank you note turns into a fun learning moment. Spectacular community focused photography deepen the experience and connect science with KM’s people.

We engage best when we enjoy.

Jumping Dog Design is a creative agency specializing in visual communication, branding, and exhibition from inception to production.

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