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Exhibition Milton

Kingman @ the Milton

Exhibition design, production and installation of exhibition information, displays, cases and museum objects. On the museum’s 150 year anniversary, the exhibition celebrates it’s history and it’s role in the community past, present and looking to the future. The exhibit does this by showing a revitalized, contemporary display of a selection of the permanent collection. This exhibit enables the viewer to experience the range of the Kingman Museum’s collection, natural history, space, world cultures, and science.

Bright, optimistic and precise, the Kingman @ The Milton calls for the contemporary branding system along with a party atmosphere of color and graphics. Narrative twists and turns keep viewer interest while providing entertaining learning opportunities. The freestanding information stands simultaneously frame the cases, focusing the viewer on to the museum object within the case and provides a enveloping colorful environment, a kind of maze for the visitor to wander through.

Eltine DeYoung-Peterse

We learn best, when we enjoy.

Mark John DeYoung

storytelling reaches us, it connects us person to person.


storytelling connects human to human.

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The Sweet Potato Show

Sweet Potato Show: Environmental Design Installation

The Sweet Potato Show is an environmental design installation that encourages and enables social interaction. The visually rich, informal walls and furniture focus on the visitor. The installation provides a comfortable environment based on rural Tennessee culture. The Sweet Potato show includes collaborative, community participation, food and music. Tennessee Southern food, Caribbean and Chinese food celebrate our community. All this and even a kids lemonade stand out front brought people through art, food, music and respect.

Informal, visually rich objects based on rural form are the environment for community food, music and talk.



Publication Design: Siddartha by Hermann Hesse

Illustration, typography and production layout of seminal book by the German author Hermann Hesse. This book along with Steppenwolf (27) and Narcissus and Goldmund (30) formed the basis of his opus that resulted in Hesse’s Nobel Prize for Literature 1946.

The book combines sumi paintings and collage elements. Pressed leaves, sandwiched between two sheets of waxed paper reminds the reader of childhood while referencing Siddartha’s journey to enlightenment. This then can serve as an analogy to the way in which each of us gathers our experiences, remembers them and organizes them to form a life lived.


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We learn most when we enjoy.

Design Installation Participatory Design Event

Creating Contacts with DIY | Breda

Graphic Design Festival Breda: Everyone is a Designer | Breda NL

Mark John DeYoung, through Jumping Dog Design, was invited to participate in the Graphic Design Festival Breda, The Netherlands. Designers and non-designers alike created a T-shirt and/or a sign to focus the Graphic Design Festival on issues of concerns.

The event democratizes the conversation on design, enabling the audience a voice in addition to those scheduled to speak.“We create the future we can imagine. This DIY project is a way in which attendees have a voice. The public becomes participants making design connect and encouraging a positive, creative response,” said DeYoung. “Across the world, (citizen) designers are no longer accepting the idea of serving as a mindless mouthpiece for corporate industry and we’re here to underline that. We are here to emphasize solidarity to our participating design theorists and our fellow citizens.”

Onsite call for participation Poster
Onsite call for participation Poster
Design Installation Participatory Design Event

Everyone is a Designer | Helsinki

Helsinki Design Week: DIY Design Theory

Mark John DeYoung, with Jumping Dog Design, was invited to participate in Helsinki Design Week 2012. The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Design Theory project, Everyone is a Designer, featured an entertaining event where audience members, come participants, made T-shirts themed on design and design theory. Existing as a kind of analog, social media experiment, responses ranged from amusing and fun, to profound and provocative. The event took place in the IDC (International Design Council) designated World Design Capital Helsinki, during the annual Helsinki Design Week.

DIY Design Theory event democratizes the conversation on design, complimenting fascinating talks by some of the leading voices in design speaking at Helsinki Design Week. Everyone is a Designer, DIY Design Theory event enabled attendees to become participants through fun activities. The event created participant engagement and encouraged everyone to create and further dialog, not only on design, but on societal issues that designers, with their unique skill set, can address.

Design Installation Environment Participatory Design Event

Inside Out: Participatory Design

Inside Out: Electron Stichting Breda NL: Participatory Design Event

Over 300 people participated in this participatory design theory event in Breda, The Netherlands. The collaborative cultural event featured international and national designers/artists, as well as community members creating work on-site using locally acquired reclaimed materials. This participatory design event featured the making of the work as the “exhibit.” The communal nature of people coming together and making stuff creates connection, creates community. Visitors could watch the pieces being created, talk to participants and even join in the work. On the last day of the event, a Festival of the Arts celebrated the participants and the work made. Participants from all levels and all ages, including six classes of elementary kids; adult volunteers;, two class of troubled teens as reintegration; folks with disabilities; folks with addiction and other challenges; the general public; and professional artists and designers.

Event Poster
Event Poster
Inside Out Participatory Installation Poster