Publication Design: Siddartha by Hermann Hesse

Illustration, typography and production layout of seminal book by the German author Hermann Hesse. This book along with Steppenwolf (27) and Narcissus and Goldmund (30) formed the basis of his opus that resulted in Hesse’s Nobel Prize for Literature 1946.

The book combines sumi paintings and collage elements. Pressed leaves, sandwiched between two sheets of waxed paper reminds the reader of childhood while referencing Siddartha’s journey to enlightenment. This then can serve as an analogy to the way in which each of us gathers our experiences, remembers them and organizes them to form a life lived.


nashville zoo

Education Programs Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Zoo’s inspire wonder and develop appreciate of the diverse and rich fauna of the world. Stemming from the philosophy that we learn most when we enjoy, program materials visually reflect the wonder and the rich diversity of animal life through design and illustration.

Info Graphic: School Programs Overview
Info Graphic: Zoo Programs Overview

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